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Improve the quality of life for single parents, the less fortunate and build on the greatness of our children. The youth of our nation is the future and as the old adage goes "it takes a village". We at MII take pride in becoming that village for those who don't have one to call their own. 




Marcus was born in Columbus, GA and surrounded by single-parent homes that struggled to make ends meet and knew that if he ever had the opportunity, he would help those within that struggle. Marcus now pours his heart and soul into providing resources into those households that need just a little more love and support. As a current NFL Football Player for the Seattle Seahawks, Marcus has used his platform to give back to the "village" that served him in his youth.



I started this foundation in honor of my sister and co-founder Jasmine Smith. As a single mother with three kids, she found it difficult to live and provide for her children. I often witnessed Jasmine struggle as a young mother but I could see the passion she had, to provide the life that she envisioned for her daughters.

Executive Board Member

Mr. Stith, was born and raised in Atlanta, GA and currently works in the metropolis as a Financial Advisor for Morgan Stanley. His financial acumen and persistent philanthropic efforts bring an amazing dynamic to MII Foundation. He participates in numerous organizations and communities through the National Football League's Former Player Chapter in Atlanta. He is growth personified as he regularly provides learning experiences for high school students on career planning, entrepreneurship and personal finance. 

Vice President of Operations

Jasmine Smith also native to Columbus, GA has extensive personal and professional experience with the single parent household and the trials of raising children in these settings. As a single mother of three, Jasmine relentlessly strives to create an environment of love and growth for her own children. That passion spills into her profession of child development, teaching and her continuous quest of furthering her own education

Executive Board Member 

Minister Wallace hails from Washington D.C. where she has entrenched herself in the push for greater good. With over 15 years experience in various non-profit organizations, Mrs. Wallace brings a bevy of skills and knowledge to the MII Foundation. She currently serves as a Program Manager for the African Military Bureau of Education and has completed service trips to that effect. She has served as a case manager, grant writer, mentor and contracting agent in the not for profit industry and has a ministry that focuses on empowering young adults and children. 

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